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  • Rainy Mak

"When There Is A Will" Series

Year: 2021

Services Rendered: Graphic Design, Content Marketing, Copywriting

Year Created : 2021

Services Rendered : Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Copywriting

Client : Undisclosed

Project Brief

Client Chani focus was on estate planning and ensuring her clients received proper advice on end-of-life planning

Kanga Creative assisted her in creating a "When there is a will" series that explains the complexities of Wills and Probates. We added research on end-of-life planning as well as how an individual can continue to make a positive impact in an unfortunate event of a demise.

Process Notes

As there is a bit of stigma around death, we were faced with the challenge to create content that is factual and kind. We needed our client's brand voice to sound caring yet professional on such a sensitive and stigmatised topic.

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