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  • Rainy Mak

Melvin's Millions

Year Created : 2021

Services Rendered : Graphic Design, Copywriting, Content Marketing

Client : Undisclosed

Project Brief

The client requested we create content that can be used in both a tactile form while also relevant to social media. In this series titled "Melvin's Millions", we deliberately adopted a playing card style that is re-fitted for social media posts. The card designs were preserved for future use where the client is ready to print and use these cards to showcase the variations of choices on our personal finance.

Process Notes

With social media marketing, short and snappy posts resonate best with the audience. We spent many iterations refining the display of the content. We were mindful to produce short posts while having the need to contextualise the story. That being said, we were able to present Melvin's Million in a cleaner format without being too overbearing.

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