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About Us

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Local Content Creators.

Forever Marketing Partners.

We focus on what matters so you don't have to. 

Agencies come and go, but at Kanga Creative, we want to work with you to understand your business. 

"I don't really want to change to another marketer & re-explain what I have to do again. It's a waste of time!"

The only administrative time incur when working with us is a 1-hour/week brainstorming session with us!

We don't assume to know you 100% (like some agencies do) nor do we leave it to you to tell us what to do. We actively work with all our clients to ensure we are aligned and involved in your marketing efforts.

"Thanks for designing a poster for me! I really appreciate the fast turn-around."

Yes, we do have limits to how much we can help. 

But help is always something we will render to our clients! If you need quick help with tweaking your logo or designing a simple poster for your sales, we are always happy to put in some time to make it work. 

Only for your clients :) 

"We just need a go-to agency to handle everything. Can you do that?"

We are primarily a content marketing agency.

With over 7 years of marketing and production experience, we can probably make everything a reality. But at the heart of what we do, we know how to make your audiences love your brand – and eventually make some sweet revenue! 


Drop us a Whatsapp inquiry below!

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